Case Studies


GOAL: Standardize the cabling infrastructure to meet the new corporate requirements, while assisting to install and turn up new network services in conjunction with deploying and rolling out their new point-of-sale (POS) platform to new and existing salons. The client was asking to make the technology more invisible for the associates and their customers to help with satisfaction overall and to drive new revenue. NCSI has a strong relationship as a valued IT partner of this customer. One of the many reasons they asked us to attack this project. NCSI assembled their project management team with extensive experience and knowledge. In the initial test roll out our highly qualified technicians were making recommendations to more efficiently accomplish the turn-up and install activities that became standardized and used across the entire deployment for all locations in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. We continued to focus on minimizing any disruption at the stores while accelerating the project’s success. [ Read More ]

Senior Living

After an acquisition that increased their number of sites by about 90%—wanted to install a wireless network in their newly acquired facilities. The addition of a wireless network allowed their customers and visiting colleagues connect to guest and company networks with ease. The customer also wanted to standardize its cabling infrastructure for the wireless network in an attempt to reduce future support/repair costs. NCSI had been installing new voice/data cabling and equipment for this customer since 2007. We completed site visits to each location to determine the location for each wireless access point, each IDF and the cabling pathways. Our experience with this type of cabling and equipment installation work allowed us to develop standardized pricing for the numerous tasks that translated to the other facilities enabling us to provide site specific proposals throughout the project. Using our vast database of technicians allowed us to complete numerous installs on a weekly basis. [ Read More ]

American Coffee Company

An American coffee company and coffeehouse chain required upgrades to their existing store monitoring system for Carbon Monoxide detection in over 2600 sites. Over the course of years, the storefronts changed and upgraded their appearances. As they came closer to the expiration of their monitoring devices in each of their corporate owned stores, they required a service force to upgrade those devices. As these devices are a part of a national network and monitored through a third party security company, specific rules and regulations must be achieved in order to adhere to both corporate and government guidelines. [ Read More ]

Medical Clinics

The customer wanted to provide an up-to-date entertainment option for their patients visiting their clinics. The addition of a guest wireless network and pre-configured Apple iPads allowed their patients to enjoy various forms of entertainment options during their treatment. NCSI has been working with this customer to upgrade their wireless equipment following a phased approach. Through onsite and in-house technicians, wireless access point locations are determined, installed and signal testing is completed. Our in-house wireless team also pre-configures the Apple iPads and prepares the charging cabinets for installation onsite. Our experience with wireless installation/testing and tablet configurations allowed us to work with the customer to develop standardized procedures and a turnkey solution. Using our vast database of technicians allowed us to complete numerous installs on a weekly basis. [ Read More ]