Senior Living

Customer Business Requirements

The customer—after an acquisition that increased their number of sites by about 90%—wanted to install a wireless network in their newly acquired facilities. The addition of a wireless network allowed their customers and visiting colleagues connect to guest and company networks with ease. The customer also wanted to standardize its cabling infrastructure for the wireless network in an attempt to reduce future support/repair costs.

The NCSI Difference

NCSI had been installing new voice/data cabling and equipment for this customer since 2007. We completed site visits to each location to determine the location for each wireless access point, each IDF and the cabling pathways. Our experience with this type of cabling and equipment installation work allowed us to develop standardized pricing for the numerous tasks that translated to the other facilities enabling us to provide site specific proposals throughout the project. Using our vast database of technicians allowed us to complete numerous installs on a weekly basis.

Project Services Overview:

Project Management

NCSI coordinated the overall process, from schedule coordination to equipment/material ordering to post installation deliverables for individual facilities. Our project management included preparing a series of complex schedules to coordinate technicians, providing regular status reports, developing an installation manual and other critical elements of workflow.

On-Site Installation

We assigned a team of experienced technicians to each installation. Techs worked with the site contacts to ensure the impact to the facility was kept to a minimum during installation.

The standardized installation process consisted of:

  • Cabling to each of anywhere from 12 to 120 wireless access points.
  • Cabling to and the creation of IDF closets.
  • Installation of wireless network equipment and equipment rack hardware.
  • Thorough testing to ensure optimal equipment performance.
  • Completion of a scheduled cutover with the Customer.
  • Uploading of post installation deliverables (pictures, cable test results, cutover sheets, etc.) to a shared website.


Our solution included deploying multiple services and resources throughout the United States and followed a carefully determined schedule. We’re especially proud of our project management and first-rate field technicians. These well trained teams enabled us to complete installations on time, on budget and up to the high standards that our customer has come to expect from NCSI.

Project Overview

  • Industry: Assisted Living Facilities
  • Project: Installation of a wireless network
  • Timeframe: 10 months
  • Size: 400 facilities


  • Cabling and equipment installation
  • Cabling/Equipment testing and turn-up
  • Project management
  • 24/7 help desk

Key Values

  • Created a customized cabling infrastructure for each facility
  • Installed and tested a wireless network
  • Fielded dedicated teams of experienced techs
  • Managed the installation at each facility from start to finish with in-house resources