American Coffee Company

Customer Business Requirements

An American coffee company and coffeehouse chain required upgrades to their existing store monitoring system for Carbon Monoxide detection in over 2600 sites. Over the course of years, the storefronts changed and upgraded their appearances. As they came closer to the expiration of their monitoring devices in each of their corporate owned stores, they required a service force to upgrade those devices. As these devices are a part of a national network and monitored through a third party security company, specific rules and regulations must be achieved in order to adhere to both corporate and government guidelines.

The NCSI Difference

NCSI provided this as a centralized rollout with superior project management reducing the soft costs associated with a nationwide deployment of this size. NCSI managed the deployment using state of the art logistical services, which provided scheduling, monitoring, and documenting procedures thus reducing room for error and ensuring a 100% success rate to the overall project.

Project Overview:

Project Management

NCSI coordinated the overall process, from anticipating resource allocation to scheduling installation for individual stores. Our project management included preparing a series of complex schedules to coordinate technicians, providing regular status reports, developing an instruction manual and other critical elements of workflow. In addition, NCSI not only installed the new detection devices but also tested with the Security Management Center to demonstrate successful implementations at every store.

On-Site Installation

We assigned a team of experienced technicians to each installation. Techs worked within defined store hours and completed installation during a single onsite session to minimize the impact on store profitability. Every store operated as business as usual while we performed the implementation with no impact to the store and its customers.

  • Installation of one to two CO detection devices per store.
  • Thorough testing to ensure optimal equipment performance and clean communications with the central management center.
  • Proper documentation, signed form from local store management, proper codes as received through alarm monitoring system and photographed documentation of both pre and post installation.
  • All the documentation was uploaded to our database allowing instant access by the customer to each of the store’s environments on demand.
  • We also removed and decommissioned old equipment, ensuring its proper disposal with a green certified technology recycler.


Our solution included deploying multiple services and resources across a wide geography and according to a carefully determined schedule. We’re especially proud of our project management and first-rate field technicians. These well-rehearsed teams enabled us to complete installations and keep change orders to less than five percent, well below the industry average of seven to 10 percent of the cost of a project.
Our customer’s support costs have decreased significantly thanks to the more stable alarm platform and a standardized CO detection infrastructure.

Project Overview

  • Industry: Coffee retailer
  • Project: CO detection refresh (Replace out-of-date equipment in existing stores)
  • Timeframe: 6 months
  • Size: 2,700+ stores


  • Cabling and equipment installation
  • Equipment configuration and disposal
  • Project management
  • 24/7 help desk

Key Values

  • Standardized and streamlined alarm equipment
  • Configured, installed and tested new detection system
  • Disposed of old equipment using environmentally compliant recycler
  • Fielded dedicated teams of experienced techs and installed equipment within day and time parameters defined by the customer.