Medical Clinics

Customer Business Requirements

The customer wanted to provide an up-to-date entertainment option for their patients visiting their clinics. The addition of a guest wireless network and pre-configured Apple iPads allowed their patients to enjoy various forms of entertainment options during their treatment.

The NCSI Difference

NCSI has been working with this customer to upgrade their wireless equipment following a phased approach. Through onsite and in-house technicians, wireless access point locations are determined, installed and signal testing is completed. Our in-house wireless team also pre-configures the Apple iPads and prepares the charging cabinets for installation onsite. Our experience with wireless installation/testing and tablet configurations allowed us to work with the customer to develop standardized procedures and a turnkey solution. Using our vast database of technicians allowed us to complete numerous installs on a weekly basis.

Project Overview:

Project Management

NCSI coordinated the overall process, from schedule coordination to equipment/material programming and staging to post installation deliverables for individual facilities. Our project management included in-house equipment preparation, schedule coordination; first layer tech support, regular status updates and post installation follow-up.

Installation Process

We assigned an experienced technician to each installation. Techs worked with the site contact to ensure each installation was completed to the customer’s satisfaction and the impact to the facility was as minimal as possible.

The standardized installation process consisted of:

  • Installation of the necessary cabling infrastructure and network equipment for the specific wireless network.
  • Creating a unique iTunes account for each facility.
  • Staging of the charging cabinet prior to shipping to reduce the amount of onsite time as much as possible.
  • Configuring of each iPad and verifying their enrollment in a device management system.
  • Shipping of all necessary devices to each clinic.
  • Once onsite, our tech would verify all of the devices were properly connecting to the newly installed wireless network and install the charging cabinet.
  • Provide end user training on the device and charging cabinet functions.


Our solution included completing both in-house and onsite programming, configuration and installation work following a precise schedule to ensure the success of the project. We’re especially proud of the efforts and success realized by multiple teams within the NCSI office and our first-rate field technicians. These well-trained teams enabled us to complete installations efficiently and with great success.

Project Overview

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Project: Installation of a wireless network and deployment of tablets
  • Timeframe: Ongoing
  • Size: 2,200 facilities


  • Cabling and equipment installation
  • Cabling/Equipment testing and turn-up
  • Equipment staging and configuring
  • Project management
  • 24/7 help desk

Key Values

  • Created a customized cabling infrastructure for each facility
  • Installed and tested a wireless network
  • Inventory management
  • Turn-key solution for all aspects of the project
  • Fielded dedicated teams of experienced techs
  • Managed the installation at each facility from start to finish with in-house resources