Security Implementations

Electronic Security and Surveillance

National Communications Services, Inc. will work with you to design, develop and implement security solutions with both highly professional technicians, guided by our superior project management team. We have implemented roll out security solutions for projects with large complex campuses to projects with 3000 plus locations for Burglar Alarms, CCTV, and access control.

As a customer and/or security service provider you demand quality. National Communications Services, Inc. will deliver that in every step of the process. Our project management team will ensure success, providing your company with regularly scheduled updates as your security project progresses. We are hardware agnostic, therefore we can develop and execute the entire project with your platform and hardware of choice. Whether you provide the equipment or not, we will deliver our quality services based on your needs.

Below is a list of some of the areas of expertise we deliver:

  • Security cameras, mounts, NVRs, point to point wireless access kits, POE switches, mid span POE injectors, monitors and more
  • Keyless access, sirens, proximity readers, keypads, door contacts, motion detectors, exit detectors and much more
  • Hardware configuration, point of view orientation, IP address input
  • Equipment staging, testing, and installation
  • Upgrade, manage, and maintain existing equipment
  • Troubleshoot and repair

Access Control

By monitoring and restricting entry you do more than protect valuable assets and sensitive areas from theft and damage – you can actually run the business more safely, efficiently and profitably.

Access control systems provide the highest degree of control and flexibility for organizations to restrict and monitor employee, vendor and visitor access to the access to valuable assets and areas.

NCSI offers access control systems that can secure a single door or entire campuses.  Reduce the safety risk and expense of lost keys by issuing smart credentials such as key fobs, proximity cards, or mobile phones.  We can help setup an access control strategy based on your security and safety needs. Our access control platforms allow for easy management allowing for quick and easy staff changes.

Have an existing door access system?  Our products work with many of the industries’ most popular proximity readers, electronic strikes and other related door hardware.  Let us update your access control applications today.

IP Video

Within the security products industry, IP-based Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is making gains on the analog market. One key advantage of IP-based CCTV is the ability to use network infrastructure, providing adequate bandwidth and availability of switching and routing, rather than coaxial cabling.

The latest IP Video technologies allow for better image quality and clarity and reduce the need for expensive, damage prone. pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras.  Network based systems allow for centralized viewing and storage of video files reducing overall hardware footprint and points of failure.

NCSI is a leader in sales and installation of IP video services.


Video surveillance can safeguard your employees and assets, control shrinkage, reduce your liability and help you make more informed security and business decisions. NCSI offers unmatched options when it comes to viewing, recording and controlling CCTV systems.

Via phone, cell phone or even the Internet, you can keep in control of things from just about anywhere.


Burglar alarm systems are effective when it comes to preventing loss of life and property. Business without alarm systems are four times more likely to be broken into than those that do.

Our products detect break-ins and unauthorized entry, while seamlessly integrating into a complete security system.  Integrate your burglary system with security cameras to reduce the amount of time required to correlate critical events with video footage.