Project Management

Project Management Services is the foundation of NCSI’s success across all industries. We understand that undergoing technology deployments is no small task. Our team is accustomed to managing the numerous details required for installing technology at hundreds or even thousands of locations. Our project management team acts as an extension of your IT department, managing the complete lifecycle of your project, in order to deliver repeatable, scalable, consistent, and high-quality services.

Careful consideration is given to the overall objectives, timeline, and cost, as well as the roles and responsibilities of all participants and stakeholders. NCSI leverages project teams that are dedicated to specific customer accounts. Each team consists of a program manager and project coordinators who familiarize themselves with the unique needs of each customer and oversee, from inception to completion, the lifecycle of each of your projects. Our approach eliminates call centers, enabling the customer to truly build a relationship with their team, allowing for collaboration while meeting specific objectives.

NCSI Difference

NCSI differentiates our services and provides a unique value proposition to our customers through:

  • Specialization in multi-site deployments – Our specialty is multi-site deployments. Our systems and processes are optimized for highly repeatable projects that deliver quality, consistency and the lowest degree of headaches for our customers.
  • Knowledge of Customer environments – We have built our reputation on understanding the nuances of our customer’s location work. Over our 25 years in business, we have seen the industry change toward the adoption of larger wireless networks, PCI compliance, security, and surveillance as well as the impact on both LAN and WAN infrastructures. We work directly with you on aligning all of these needs from the beginning of every project to ensure success and performance.
  • Technical resources – Our technical network is one of the largest in the industry and a valuable resource. We invest in our resources through training and certification programs. All of these practices form strong partnerships and allow us to tightly align quality and metrics to meet your needs.
  • Project Team alignment – All of our project teams are aligned by a combination of customers and technology expertise. This gives our teams a deeper understanding of each customer and helps the teams work more quickly and effectively toward resolution should an issue arise.

NCSI team structure allows workloads to be balanced and departments to scale rapidly. This methodology strengthens communications and increases efficiencies.

 Constant Communication

  • Weekly Implementation Calls
  • Daily Status Updates
  • Defined Escalation Channels
  • Account Specific Toll-free Number for Full Team Support

 Keeping Your Project On Track

  • Develop timeline
  • Schedule site locations
  • Site surveys
  • Installations

Develop field guide for technicians

  • Track equipment/inventory
  • Coordinate schedule with onsite management of customers locations
  • Identify technicians based on necessary qualifications
  • Verify technician has all necessary materials as per the field guide
  • Monitor and communicate technician’s arrival and departure

Track Technician Performance

To ensure we satisfy each and every customer, we hold our field service teams to a very high standard. Each member of the service team is tracked on a number of service metrics. We have made an investment in technology to ensure these metrics are monitored in real-time and are visible to all employees.

  • Check-out call with verbal review
  • Site management sign-off
  • Post installation photographs
  • Live review of camera FOVs
  • Review technology test results
  • Second-day support
  • Quality assessments within 24 hours of site completion

Multi-Site Approach

Part of our success lies in crafting a process that can be replicated at every location to meet budget and time objectives. Although projects vary in size and scope, the same methodology is engaged for all projects:

  1. Develop a Deployment Project Plan
  2. Training & Assigning Personnel
  3. Monitoring & Reviewing